Services Medical Gas System

At AVS, we have the requisite expertise in Medical Gas Systems. We can operate as a third party independent testing agency and our experts can collaborate with design engineers and planners in order to achieve a common goal- creating a safely controlled and monitored medical gas system.

Being a medical gas-testing agency, we deal with various medical gas systems testing and associated activities. For e.g.: testing activities for helium leak, toxic gas detection etc. are carried out using cutting-edge medical gas systems and toxic gas detectors.

Based on your requirements, we can offer services like
  • Certification
  • Annual Inspections
  • System Design Consultation
  • Interim Site Inspections
  • Installer Orientation
  • Drawing and Specification Review
  • Fire Department Breathing Air Purity Sampling
  • High Pressure Gas Purity Sampling
  • Medical Gas Purity Sampling
  • Systems Evaluation
  • CAD Design