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Gas Distribution Systems

A V S Excel Technical Services has dedicated itself to creating gas distribution systems.

AVS places particular demands on gas distribution components owing to individual Purity, Ultra-high purity, Toxicity, and Corrosive properties.

Tube Fittings

A V S Excel Technical Services is an authorized distributor for tube fittings in the UAE for products Ex-Lok Tube Fittings.

This is 'CE' marked &has been designed as leak free connection to be used for process, analytical and instrumentation applications.

Gas Cabinets

A V S Excel Technical Services supplies gas cabinets for semiconductor grade gases.

Cylinder Pods

Gas cylinder pods are cylinder bundles stored in fabricated structure. These are then connected together in order to store and transport bulk quantity of gases.

A gas cylinder pod (also known as MAN pack in some countries) is also known by various other synonyms such as gas cylinder quad/ cascade/ bottle rack/ accumulator, etc.

Gas Manifold

The Gas Manifold systems manufactured by AVS allow you to concentrate multiple cylinders in a single location.

We supply custom-made gas-specific manifolds for all types of applications and addresses all the client-specific needs and act as the supplier for various types of regulators and manifolds.

Low Gas Alarm System

The Low Gas Alarm System is an indicator to alert the user when a gas cylinder's pressure reaches a user-defined level.


A V S Excel Technical Services is a valves supplier for various types of valves.

The valves could be low-pressure valves or high-pressure valves as well as of different flow ranges. End fitting threading is also done as per the requirements of the customer.

Purifier Panel

Based on the requirement of some of our customers, we have developed an Economical Model of Gas Purification Panel.

This is especially useful for customers who have Gas Chromatographic set-up.

Sampling Bomb

A V S Excel Technical Services supplies gas-sampling bottles from well-known manufacturers around the globe, which are specially designed to collect and store high-pressure gas samples from the field. Once they are collected, they are transported to laboratories.

AVS guarantees that the bottles are superior with regards to quality.

Gas Detector

A V S Excel Technical Services offers an absolute range of gas detector systems.

These systems either could be portable gas detection systems or fixed gas detection systems.

We, A V S Excel Technical Services is fast growing trading, installation / Commissioning services for all High Purity & Ultra High Purity Gases & Chemical Distribution System requirments on turnkey basis.

We are highly motivated & experienced global organization specializing in the field of concept.

Over the years, A V S Excel Technical Services has garnered valuable experience and expertise for the onsite medical and laboratory piping and tubing installations, subcontracting and supplying a variety of onsite services